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    Hello guys, I've searched through the forums and haven't found an answer for my question.

    I use Outlook 2003 to download emails from Earthlink using POP3 and I also download from my web host using POP3.

    I want to be able to download emails wirelessly on the Treo 600 and sync with Outlook so both are always updated with what whatever is being done in Outlook or on the Treo. Is this possible and if not what programs would allow me to do this?

    Thanks for the help,
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    not with pop access.
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    Unless I'm missing something here that's not true Felipe.

    Who is you provider ltbong?

    I use Business Connection from Sprint with a POP3 e-mail account and it does exactly what you're looking to do.

    When I delete messages on my Treo, they're deleted from my Oulook inbox. When I send a message on my Treo a copy of the message appears in the sent folder in Outlook etc.

    There is also Visto, which does the same thing.

    Both solutions require you to simply run a re-director application on your PC.

    Email Solutions
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    You could also consider getting an IMAP account, which is exactly designed to deal with the problem your describing.
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    I was not aware that the redirectors (which have to be running on a computer to work) supported POP. IMAP is the only way you can actually sync across points of access for mail - folders, read and reply status...
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