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    Does anybody have an MP3 of the classic AOL voice saying "You've got mail!" they could send me?? Many thanks ... (I have the WAV file but want an MP3)
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    If you can't find it you could always convert the wav file you already have to Mp3.

    Wav to Mp3 Convertors
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    Hey good idea ... thanks!
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    Ok, so I downloaded an MP3 converter and it does the trick but there is a high-pitched whine in the background and the sound is TERRIBLE. Now I am bummed because I don't know what to do ... don't know what I am doing ... and I am out $10... :-((
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    send me the file and I will convert it for u. neilswork @
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    Thanks neilswork! I just sent it to you ...
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    what r u using it for and how?Ill try it to if you send it to and post instructions.I use aol for mail.
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    I use ChatterEmail on my Treo 600 with Fastmail. I have rules set up in Fastmail to send me an SMS when I get certain emails. Then I use Call Shield to play the alert when the SMS comes in. Unfortunately CallShield does not play WAV files - only MP3. The best would be if Chatter could play either MP3's or WAV files...
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    And here ya go.
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