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    Hello all,

    My wife just got a T600 (she was on her third or fourth 300, and the store offered her a 600), and I'm trying to help her configure it. She is not as much of a techie as I am.

    When I started playing with the 600, I was very happy to see that the "Buttons" preference panel had integrated the functionality of "Buttons-T": that is, it's possible to remap the option+hard button keys to any app.

    Except Calc, apparently. I can get it to accept Calc as choice for any of the four hard buttons without the option key. But for the three usable buttons + option key choices, (the fourth one is hardwired to Keyguard), it just won't accept Calc. I select it, I get the system sound, but then it shows whatever app was previously selected. This only happens with Calc.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    Not a big deal, because my wife can just access Calc via "Favorites". Which is pretty cool. Still, I think I've found a minor bug.

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    "Calc" is correctly defined as the first Option+button on my Treo 600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beryl
    "Calc" is correctly defined as the first Option+button on my Treo 600.
    Is that the default on your phone, or did you successfully set this yourself?
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    I set it myself.
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    Just set calc to one of the keys on the favorites and then get Butler and enable K launch and you'll be able to launch the calc from where ever on the Treo...

    Or for an even better solution, just get this awesome little freeware calld snap calc!

    I've set it to long toggle on my 3rd hard button and it works perfectly!
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