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    I've wanted a GPS device ever since I 've owned a palm product (Prism/visorphone) but now I'm wondering if the GPS device will work on both the 600 and Ace.
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    There is no reason to assume that it won't unless the OS has been changed drastically. Assuming that it's still OS5.X (assume OS5.4) then it will probably work but then you'll have to worry about the connection. The ACE/650 appears to have a different connector ( I suspect it's the Palm Universal Connector) on the bottom. If your using an SD slot GPS designed unit then it should be ok.

    Bluetooth GPS units should also work however all 3 different styles may and probably will requre some updated drivers out of the box. So when the drivers are updated by the manufacturer then you'll know for certain but I suspect that most will work right out of the box since the Palm OS is pretty much the same across the various platforms.
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    I'm using a Bluetooth GPS with my 650 and it works perfectly. No drivers are needed for a Bluetooth unit. Remember if you use an SD GPS to get one with extra memory built in because you must store your maps on an SD card.
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    Check this thread -

    TomTom is one of the killer applications for the Treo 650. It is great!
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    I use Blue Logger from Delorme with Street Atlas. The GPS works great and the software is okay. But, from everything I have read, TomTom software is probably much better.
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    I use mapopolis with a bluetooth holux 231 on my treo 650 and it's terriffic.

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