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    Would be interested in hearing comments of those with a 600 on the change in the key shape/size on the new 650.

    Do you like the egg shape? Did the keys need to be bigger? Do you think a change was needed? Why dey do dat?
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    I think they resemble the tungsten c's keys more now on the treo 650. maybe they were also trying to make them more blackberry-like. I know when the treo 600 was designed, they were trying to use the maximum surface area for each key.
    they've found even more real estate for the kb by curving it - now they could add another 10% area to each key. plus it looks very, very slick I might add!!!
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    The raised keys didn't really seem to add anything eronomically, despite Handsprings explanation of the increased surface area reducing the key size. The real improvement (for everyone except ScottR) was just bringing the keys closer together. If anything, I noticed that it took a lot more pressure to type, and while this probably helped reduce accidental presses of neighboring keys, it also made typing more of a workout. The flatter keys on the 300 didn't "stab" my thumbs like the 600's do.

    Though I have to admit, the egg keys do look cooler.

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