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    I bought a Treo 600 yesterday. I use Entourage X instead of Palm Desktop. I run Mac OS 10.2.8 on a G4. I understand that I should rename the back-up folder in the Palm directory so as to not install potentially incompatible software from my Tungsten onto my Treo. (Sounds like a good idea anyway, and I was planning to clean install all of my third party apps). However, is it ok to sync directly with Entourage instead of temporarily going back to Palm Desktop like the manual says you are supposed to do for initial HotSync? Actually, it doesn't say you are NOT supposed to use Entourage, but just worrying.
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    When you install the Entourage conduit, it will disable the Palm conduits. On first sync I would open the Entourage conduit and set "Entourage overwrites Handheld"

    Also you are right about renaming the backup folder. In fact whenever I upgrade handhelds like from the 300 to the 600, I actually create a completely new user folder even if the Hotsync ID is the same, and archive it. It's not just the backup folder but prefs file etc that could conflict.
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