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    I have the non camera version of the 600. How do i have someone send me a picture of them so i can have there image show up when they call?

    Also, do i need a special app for this to happen or is this a feature built in to the 600?


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    By default you can assign a picture to all of the "favorite" buttons in the phone application. Do this by selecting "more" and then pointing to an image. This shouldn't require the camera. Any image stored on your Treo will work. You can trasfer images to your Treo either by hotsync or by using a SD card reader/writer.

    If you want to use more than 50 images Lightwav allows you to assign images to all of your contacts.
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    I have many pix on my laptop i could hotsync. Do i need to shrink them in size before hotsyncing? do i need to convert them to another format besides jpg?

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    I have my caller ID pics set to 160x160 .jpg

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