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    Well today I was at the Aventura Mall in Miami, Florida. We had a lot of interesting characters at the mall, probably from the Music Awards show in Miami.

    The saleslady at the T mobile booth is super beautiful, a cute young model like woman. So I naturally was attracted towards the booth. Unfortunately this ugly fat nerd guy jumped all over me and despite my best efforts to buy something from the saleslady.

    He turns out to be the manager. I asked him so when is the next Treo gonna come? He says "well the Treo is a poor seller...I spend most of my time with the other easier to sell phones." "I'll get the Treo for you to look at." And he started looking for some keys to take the Treo 600 out of some drawer. In the meantime some 20 phones are being permanently displayed.

    So I asked him about "the new Treo." He said he had no idea but he could do some research.

    In the meantime the beautiful saleslady was busy listening to the speakerphones of two phones playing the same MP3 song "in stereo"...she was holding both phones around her head.

    What is the moral to the story? I got the feeling that it Would be easier to sell a phone to someone if it was simple, and the carriers just want their monthly payment.

    (on the other hand we are the future...are we not?)
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    They had a 600 there, the very nice saleslady commented on mine on my belt, and asked how I liked it.

    She said she'd never sold one, and hadn't really taken the time to play with one.

    My feeling is that most of their customers (myself included, I ended up with two new lines and two "free" Nokia phones for my wife and kids) are buying the inexpensive phones.

    The 600 buyers like us have done their shopping and comparisons before they ever walk in the door, and know exactly what they want.
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    At the GREAT risk of being flamed off the wall, I think it is important to note the different TYPE OF CUSTOMERS that different carriers typically cater towards. Clearly the major players don't have the same coverage or the same types of plans. ARGUABLY , Cingular tends to cater more towards the customer that is concerned about the cost of their plan and the number of minutes they receive, and not so much in the actual quality of coverage (enter a flood of comments about how great your cingular service is below, but here in the DC metro area I have never heard a kind word about Cingular from anyone who wasn't pinching pennies and fooling themselves!)
    That said, I think it would go without saying that anyone who is more concerned with the price of something versus the quality of the product, probably would not be interested in a phone like the Treo 600.
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    that post is hardly flamebait.

    maybe becuase I agree with it :-)
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    Did it ever occur to anyone here that the Treo 600 is a big time rip off in contrast to a Wifi and Blurtooth enabled handheld with a SE T610 Bluetooth Phone.

    Yes, rip off, in contrast to a Palm Zire 72 and HP Ipaq 4155. Zire 72 is getting a SD WIFI card very shortly from Palm One!
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    Have you figured out how to get the features of the handheld into the phone so only one device is needed? I didn't think so.
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    ok rarebird - whatever.
    But back to main point of the thread - I was in two Verizon stores last week (buying a company-mandated VZW treo to replace my Sprint one), and at both stores, they said that they sell the Treos as fast as they get them. They both did say that people come in specifically looking for the Treo - they don't have to 'sell' people on them, which coincides with what Mike mentioned above - people know they want the Treo, and, for good or bad, the retail dudes just kind of 'take the order'. Makes you wonder how many could be sold if they probed a little bit and took some time to really understand what the customer might need (as opposed to 'want') and thus they might make more money.
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    From the various cell booths i've seen at malls, it's my opinion that the Treo 600 is probably just too complicated for the sales goobers to sell. They'd have to know how to use it to sell it. That must be why they keep in in a drawer instead of on display.
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    Being in the market for a new Treo, the fact that they are six hundred bucks outside a contract tells me they are moving pretty swiftly.
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    The Treo 600 is a complicated phone that just will not work for most people, that's why it sells very little in comparison...along with the price. It has alot of little problems which cause "simple" users to return it for something else. It is big for a phone just has alot of negatives for the average user that only turn to positives for people that actually need its added features. As cool as we may think it is, the Treo 600 isn't even that great for most buisness users...

    That said, I'm buying the next Treo too, but I doubt I'd recommend it to my father(corporate exec...really, really high up!!) and I definitely will tell the ladies in the family to stay away. They'd hate it!
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    I thought it was common sense that the treo was a poor seller. one, it's too expensive. two, it's big. three, not many people know about it. they heard about, but not know about.

    the phone is expensive. unless you know what you're getting into with this phone...chances are you aint getting one. most people aren't too sure what the treo is when they look at it. they just see a pda with a keyboard. they're not ready to drop 600 dollars on this to 'try it out'. that goes with a lot of the higher end cell phones. they're not concerned about surfin the web at high speeds on the phone. they want a phone that works, probably take pics, light, play a random game, and now
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    wow....typing on the treo butchered my post all up. I had like 4 paragraphs. oh well.
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    The people in the mall booths are not there to sell phones, they are selling new service. Most of the phones that leave the booth are given away after you sign up for some long term plan. This is the last place I would use to judge the sales of a phone.
    "If it's new, I've got to have it."
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    Right on the money, David. Mall sales people are there to sell a mass consumer service contract with "free" phones as bait. There are very few places you can go to find anyone interested in selling a complicated phone/extended services phone contract in a retail setting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yeah yeah
    wow....typing on the treo butchered my post all up. I had like 4 paragraphs. oh well.
    Happens to me all the time. It's not your Treo, it's t|c.
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    Who would go to a fly by night mall bodega to purchase a $600 phone? Those are set up for people seeking to purchase a cheapie phone to outfit with a flashing antenna from the next bodega over... All after stopping off for a quick piercing at the piercing bodega first.
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    I had to purchase mine from Ebay back in Jan. I use Cingular, and when I walked in to the cingular store up the road to get a new sim card, the lady behind the counter was as excited as I was about it. She called all the guys from the back up there to see it, she had an informed converstation with me about it, and couldn't wait until Cingular could get some in to sell.

    I was blown away to say the least. I'm used to the kid at the counter selling me a plan and not a phone. When I commented to the sales lady about this and asked if she was a secret-closet-geek-waiting-to-come-out (because we all have to stick together) she said she was not. Instead, she floored my by telling me about this class that Cingular had sent her to about Smart Phones/PDA's that highlighted the Treo 600! Turns out Cingular does this for all the store managers and assistant managers.

    So at most of the Cingular stores, there should be *someone* there with knowledge about the phone.

    This post has no real point, just wanted to share a story that ran opposite to most peoples expereinces.
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    It is hard to convince someone that the Treo600 is better than a Sony-Erricson P900. If the person has a palm os background then maybe, but otherwise the Treo600 without Bluetooth, crappy camera and sorry screen seems horribly outdated compared to the Treo600. Don't get me wrong I love my Treo600 but I strongly believe that the Treo650 is nothing but what Treo600 should have been to begin with. Infact unless there are some surprises on the Treo650, it is still not going to have a huge WOW factor with all the different options coming out. Before someone else mentions it, I do agree that for a hardcore PDA user the Treo with the Palm OS does hav ean edge but to the vast majority the Treo seems terribly out dated. By the way the P900 has been updated to the P910, it now has a 1.3 megapixel camera and a Qwerty keyboard to boot.
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    What did it for me with the treo is the keyboard. I send a lot of SMS + emails and at the time, I felt that nothing out there had a better integrated keyboard. The Sony Ericsson P900 seems pretty cool, I have not had one in my hands, but I'd like to see how their keyboard performs. Plus, the proprietary OS of the P900 kills it for me. Too bad, because it's a very nice phone. I agree with the fact that the Treo 650/Ace is not going to be a big revolution. The numbering scheme hints that it's a stepping, but a welcomed one. If I find a way to upgrade for a minimum price, I'll do it.
    Just my opinion.
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    I got my Treo 600 for $350 form VZW because I had the upgrade. I also have a two year contract.
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