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    Most people don't care about the OS with their P900. It is difficult to convince anyone that doesn't want a specific Palm application not to buy a P900. After all you get a better screen, bluetooth, fantastic video and music and a much better cameraall included.

    The Treo650 will address some of these problems, but it is still lamentably lacking in bundled software. I really think there should be a music, video and spreadsheet application included with the phone.
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    p1 is not regarded as a phone provider(poor marketing), but a handheld one. even they sold millions of treo 600, they are still losing market. maybe we should position p1 as a falling handheld co., and a too much young mobile phone manufacturer.
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    I played with a 910 Sony today. The keyboard, when opened, is an out of control contraption. Basically it takes three hands to type. One nice thing about the Treo is that one can type with one hand.
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    I am on Tmos network. i went into the store yesterday to get my wife a v300 phone. I took back a Treo 600 while i was waiting for my replacement to arrive from Tmobile. I think just about everyone oin that store was looking for a camera phone. The salesman said that the Treo 600 had a sucky camera. I asked about the 650 and he said that Tmobile will get it soon. I th=old him that the new phone had a way better camera and that Wifi now worked (almost) (thanks Shadowmite). The point is, is that The treo has a crappy camera. If the camera was better I think P1 would see more sells. I have NEVER bought a phone just for a camera. But, there is a reason why every new phone that comes out has a camera. I guess I should say that the screen is crappy. Cuz i take a pic with the T600 and send it to my wifes v300 and it is as clear as day. hopfully with the 650 all this will change.

    Tmobile also never even attempted to market the phone.
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    It's funny, My salesguy in T-Mobile in Old Bridge, NJ told me I was the first customer to purchase that brand. He actually convinced me that Treo was so bad, he gave me a Blackberry to try for a few days, I buckled, and tried it.....I didn't like it, and promptly traded it in 2 days later and thats when he looked at me like I was nuts for buying the Treo. They were selling it for $399, he said he would sell it to me for $350, I told him $300 and it was a deal. I am guessing these guys get a higher commission or bonus for selling Blackberry products.....thats the only guess I could have about it.
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