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    I never got a T600 car kit, bacuse the SW/Firmware patch took too darn long. Any speculation if the ThB, Seidio and other car kits will be avaible, in WORKING order, with NO bugs--by the time the T650 is ready to ship?

    The Bluetooth factor should make the upcomimg car kits very exciting. That said, I would hate to find out that (surprise!) we would have to download yet another patch/update for it! And that's putting it nicely...

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    I tend to agree - I jumped in January on the T600, only to find out that the car kit situation was abysmal - I ended up building my own. If there's another year wait for a full complement of accessories, I believe I'll have to hold off for a little while.

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    I just hope it works with Chrysler's Uconnect bluetooth option.
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    Their probably will not be a PalmOne Car branded car kit at launch judging by the 600's launch. The good new is that if PalmOne Engineer the bluetooth properly, you should be able to use almost any Bluetooth Car Kit and will probably be able to get a much better kit at a cheaper price. The maker of the existing Car Kit (THB) has a Bluetooth "cradle" that turns the kit into a bluetooth kit so it may work with this cradle but that will not charge the phone then. Hopefully Palm is working with THB and other manufacturers to make sure that BT kits will work with this phone at initial delivery.

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