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    Any idea if the Sprint Mobitv will work or any other type of streaming audio? I need my MLB TV!
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    mobiTV seems to not be doing much of anything since their initial release. I also would love to use it, the treo-s extra power should be enough to make the service bareable. . . In additian to giving me something to use my monthly credit on.

    Aside from that you could try using mmplayers streaming video with a home pc to watch TV, but that's beyond my knowledge at the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiteMom
    Any idea if the Sprint Mobitv will work or any other type of streaming audio? I need my MLB TV!
    Don't know but I tried it on an earlier Sprint phone and thought it was way too choppy. Maybe if it is provided here it will be in better form.
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    Personally, I'd like something that approximate CBS Sportline's pitch by pitch. Actually, I've never tried that on blazer, it might just work.

    Anyway, I'd ideally like to watch a game rendered like Nintendo's RBI Baseball ( Someone watching the game would send an XML string back to the phone to detail the position, arc of the hit and the player's speed running towards it. Wouldn't that be most fantastic? Furthermore it would be pretty smooth scrolling because the level of data transferred would be minimal. All the rendering would be done with software downloaded separately to the Treo.
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    What I want is full blown XM/Sirius radio and DirecTV on my Treo ACE (well, on some future device anyway). How long will it take for them to make receivers small enough to pull that off? I won't hold my breath... but anything they do in the meantime to stream video I'll check out
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