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    very very nice work

    PROPS.... and a vote for replacement gold... its far more useful than pics alone
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    The keys on the ACE looks to be a little bigger, the legends also a little larger. Along with the superior keyboard backlighting in the ACE, should make typing in the dark no longer an issue as it is with the 600.
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    Where is the mic? The only view that I think I can see it is on the bottom view. Are the 2 slits on the opposite corner of the 2.5 mm ear jack the mic?
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    and yes, that is a nice comparison.
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    you know, id say that the treo 650 is actually a bit bigger in depth!

    look at the side by side comparison of top views - the 650 looks bigger slightly, which would make sense.. they may be equipping it with more powerful battery capability. removable as it will be. looks like its a bit deeper than the t600 (if i am using the correct term)

    its the same length and width, but slightly thicker i think. the reset area may be that other plug-like site at the upper right corner of the treo.
    what do you think?
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    thicker would be much worse...the 600 is already a bit of a fatty.
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    great link...and man the screen on ace is amazing!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Nice comparison pics. One note though, I thought I recalled reading on the pulled Treocentral Ace article that the screen size on the Ace was slightly smaller than the Treo 600...
    I too heard that the 'new' HiRes screen would be smaller. In fact, I heard it was based on the Zire 72 screen.

    Also, that the new Treo would actually share some of the inner components of the Zire... kind of makes sense, considering that the Zire has BlueTooth, 320x320 screen and 1.2mp camera.
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    Do you think that the way to reset is to remove the battery and put it back in? I would imagine that we can only remove the battery for a short period of time, since there have been many posts on this forum about losing all data when the battery has been run dead (same as removing the battery I assume).
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    Great work on the comparison. But I don't like the lack of a power button on the top. I always used that on my 300 and 600. I removed the power feature from one of the four hard buttons since it was redundant but now it looks like I'll have to use that one. Oh well.
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    The power button is on the red call hang up button...look closely at the pictures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paris
    The power button is on the red call hang up button...look closely at the pictures.
    Well spotted Paris!!! It looks like you're absolutely right on that one and the very first to point this out I may add (unless I missed someone elsewhere)...

    Cheers, A.
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