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    I am a new Treo 600 user. I am looking for a program that will act as an alarm clock. I travel quite a bit and would like to use my treo as a backup alarm clock. Can anyone recommend some good programs that will provide me with my request?
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    Worse comes to worse, use the calendar application. just make sure you put a name in for the event, or it will not take it. I used this method for years.

    You can download TreoBulter (Called Butler now I think) and it has two alarms that have plenty of configuration settings. Or look at BigCloock or BobsAlarm. Or my favorite, Palmary CLock for Treo600

    Palmary Clock

    Bob's Alarm

    Big Clock

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    I vote for Bob's Alarm - lots of alarms, timers, et cetera. Palmary Clock had some problems at one time and still has problems on my Sprint Treo 600. Big Clock I was not overly impressed with. TreoClock - never tried it.
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    Don't forget does a whole lot more too. Try the demo first and see for your self.

    FWIW, I have a Sprint Treo600 and have no issues with Palmary Clock (on the past several versions), but it is a large file.
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    I vote for Bob's Alarm as well.

    Bugme!, does alarms with a sticky pad to boot. Bugme! is huge (>800K) and getting lots of complaints for lack of support. I registered Bugme! years ago but it does far more than I need for its size.

    Diddlebug is similary to Bugme!, freeware, and only 137K.

    Both of these are found in one of the usual places (palmgear/handango/etc.).
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    Bob's Alarm hands down. It can be as simple as an alarm clock where you have one or two alarms. Or you can have multiple alarms.

    I travel all the time, so it's nice having your own alarm clock. It has snooze and you don't need a stylus to do it.

    My bonus is the timer. I time my calls in the hotel so I don't go over 60 minutes. Some hotels charge for toll free calls that last over 60 minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixpack
    Bob's Alarm hands down.
    That's a bold statement...
    You have paper work and stats to prove it (jetski joke)
    Yes, Bob is quite popular.

    Also, I didn't know that Diddlebug and Bug me have alarms...I learn something new every day.

    Dang..I love message boards, yuou can learn so much
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burkhardi
    Also, I didn't know that Diddlebug and Bug me have alarms...I learn something new every day.

    BugMe's alarm is nice for reminders but I have found that it doesn't work right when I have it installed on the card.

    I use Bob's Alarm also. I have a couple of alarms that go off every day plus right now I'm using the timer function because the buzzer on my dryer is broken.
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    I've tried them all (Bob's Alarm, MutiClock, etc.) and I can tell you that BeeOntime 2.5 beats them all - NO contest . Excellent, alarms, LOUD, etc.

    Don't take my word for it, go to and give it a try:

    I think you'll agree that it is perfect for the Treo 600.
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    I have Bob's - use it for a timer in my classroom. But I wind up using Butler to get me up every morning cause it uses mp3's as alarms, and it's nice waking up to some real music.
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    Is Butler the only alarm that you can use MP3s with?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OpenIntro
    Is Butler the only alarm that you can use MP3s with?
    As far as I know it is. And the funny thing is, the alarm feature in Butler was an afterthought.

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