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    I have managed to get the jpg's on to my 600, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to save as wallpaper.
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    If you have the Jpeg on an SD card, go to the Pictures app, click on the "list" icon at the bottom, in the upper right hand corner select the Sd card by name, select the picture you want, press menu button, select move, set any category besides the SD card name (ie. unfiled), press copy.

    Now press the treo phone button, presss the menu button, under options select display preferences, tap the current wallpaper, select the new picture, , press select, press ok.


    Dave Lindberg
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    Sorry bro, i am new to Treo...i have a treo 600. how do i go to pictures app.?
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    Different name for the "camera" app.

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