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    I haven't read thru all the posts. Are the dimensions known or estimated anywhere? In some of the original Ace posts they mentioned slightly smaller and "holding the Treo Ace gives the same gasp impression that you got when you first held the 600."
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    I think it will be almost the same as the 600. Check the picture of the top of it and look at the proportions compared to the SD slot. Being a standard, this slot is the same as the 600, and the proportion of the slot to the unit on a 600 is pretty much the same.
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    Someone estimated in THE thread using the SD card slot as a reference since its size is a know variable. Slightly smaller.
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    I don't think you can get an accurate estimate (oxymoron?). I did the SD slot drill, and it appears to be less than 2mm narrower in width, but height and thickness are much tougher to judge without another known variable. You could estimate thickness at 24mm (a little thicker than the T600 22m - based on using a visual inspection with a ruler - from front of earpiece bump to back of case, and the width of the SD slot), but far fro the precision demanded by viewers of this board.
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