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    If anyone needs help transferring their email to Entourage, I have a link that will help. I have it on my powerbook and will have to post it from there. If you need it, just let me know!
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    Yes, I could use this please.
    Thanks very much!
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    Here is the link...sorry I didn't post it earlier...I was very busy. I used Outlook for years and had thousands of emails. This really worked for me. Remember this is for email. You have to import contacts and eamils another way.
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    There is a program a that exports from Outlook to entourage.
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    Hmm...... $10 for the Outlook2MAC program by littlemachines... think I'll try the *free* method first.

    Thanks for the info though... up to now I've been referencing my old emails on Outlook in Virtual PC *ugh*!!

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