Seidio's idea of combining stereo with phone headset is great. Let's push it further and dream about an ideal headset -- the idea is it's so easy and intuitive that you don't need to touch the phone for most of usual calls.

1. A boom that folds back. You flip it down (from an earpiece) to take a phone call, flip it back up to hang up. This is gotta be the most intuitive way. And it saves one button to feel around or look down for.

2. Bluetooth, of course (yes, we're treading away from Treo600 here). But, can bluetooth do CD-quality audio?

3, A volume dial that clicks down to mute (with some soft beeps to let you know it's muted), and doubles as a redial/call-back button when not in a call.

Wouldn't this be the GREATEST headset?