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    Hey - searched but could not find this problem..sorry if it has been covered.

    My SPrint 600 locks up on the goodbye screen quite often - the screen one gets when turning off wireless mode - like for a flight.

    I do a soft reset and all is well..and then I seem to be fine switching wireless on and off...but after a few hours if i try to disconnect it locks up again..

    I have goodlink but this seems to have started long after goodlink was on there...

    no hacks, no strange third party apps in place..

    thoughts? anyone lese seeing this?
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    I've got the same problem with my Sprint 600 -- it seems to partly depend on where I am. If I'm in a location with service when I turn off wireless mode, it works. If I don't have service, it crashes.
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    It turns out it was not actually locked up - just took a very long time to **** off. Seems related to the screen off timeout - cuz the screen stayed locked on the Sprint Goodbye screen until the screen turned off (2 minutes on mine). Then when I push the power button to turn the sacreen n all is well and it shows wireless mode off. weird.

    Maybe some Goodlink thing - turning off the phone while Goodlink thought there was an active connection leaves something stuck...

    who knows
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    guys, this is a known issue that got introduced with the ver. 1.20 update that was released last May.
    A bit annoying, but doesn't otherwise cause any problems.

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