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    Updated Description:

    4.30 - 08/25/2004
    o Added ability to rearrange the items of Extension list of the QLA.
    o Added Command Bar Support for calling up QuickLaunch Anywhere.
    o Increased the maximum number of the Favorites items of QuickLaunch+ list.
    o Added an option to the QLA's Extension list to toggle the Beam Receive state(Only available for PalmOS4.0 or higher version).
    o Added an option to the QLA's Extension list to perform Modem HotSync.
    o Added All Apps List in QuickLaunch Anywhere. App launched from All Apps List will be added to Recent List.
    o Added an option to disable the Enhanced Recognition of activating QLA. If the option is enabled, the handheld will be slowed down. Otherwise, the activation of QLA will be more easier. This feature is especially useful for OS5 handhelds.
    o Added ability to launch the last launched app by ZL via swipe or button.
    o Added ability to directly open SmartListToGo databases via SmartListToGo.
    o Added ability to disable the Copy/Move/Beam/Send features in FileManager while the "All" tab is password protected.
    o Inproved the support for the Signal button for Treo600. Now it also displays the GPRS/CDMA 1x and roaming status.
    o Miscellaneous updates and bug-fixes.
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    Cash70--thanks for the description. It is most helpful


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