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    Does anyone know of an app or a solution to entering a telephone number someone might be giving you while you are on the phone. Maybe a way to input it so that when you hang up you can press send and it will dial. Most mobile phones have this feature.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $you$ $can$ $do$ $this$ $now$. $However$ $you$ $could$ $also$ $go$ $to$ $your$ $memo$ $pad$ $or$ $calendar$ $and$ $enter$ $the$ $numbers$ $there$ $while$ $your$ $call$ $is$ $in$ $progress$, $then$ $copy$ $and$ $paste$ $the$ $number$ $into$ $the$ $phone$ $keypad$ $screen$ $and$ $dial$ $it$ $from$ $there$.

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