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    This is new territory for me....any recommendations?
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    I'm used several, and they are all mediocre to poor.

    Sony's were good, but not great fit.
    Jabra fit wel(
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    Quote Originally Posted by BD1
    This is new territory for me....any recommendations?
    Theres a new Bt500 out or coming out I read somewhere.
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    Anybody know what the best bluetooth kit for cars is? Something to play audio through the car stereo with one button answer on the dash.
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    An Acura TL.
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    I use the Jabra250 with my SE phone. Excellent battery life, comfortable fit. Good audio. I think it's a good choice.
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    Another one that is very good is the Motorola HS810. I really enjoy using that particular headset with my V600 and T610 SonyEricsson. The battery life is excellent, especially with the V600.
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    check out these folks for aftermarket bt car kits:

    i think bluetooth is probably *the* most cool feature of the 650, one that you don't appreciate until you've used it. since my 270 completely borked, i've been using a T610 with my laptop which also has bluetooth, with the jabra 650 and a bluetooth mouse. being able to use the gprs for connectivity at will from my laptop is great (not the speediest, but it works well). but, it has certainly been a step down in functionality not having a treo while waiting for p1 to get the 650/ace/whatever it'll be out the door!
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    The BLUESPOON is the ULTIMATE bluetooth headset:

    Great battery life, weighs only 10 grams (!), almost disappears in your ear.

    The sound quality is so good, I've stopped using in-car handsfree over the loudspeakers. At 200 km/hour (125 mph) I can easily have a phone conversation...

    I've had it for two years, so mine is analog. The new verison is digital, with even better sound, and more recharging options.

    Its expensive as hell, but worth every cent!
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    Price? ballpark...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Predator-1
    Price? ballpark...
    My research shows $250
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    For those of you have a Bluetooth headset, how is the audio quality? Also, how do you answer a call? By pushing a button the headset?
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    Sorry about the poor grammer. Yikes! I should read it before I submit.
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    Can't speak for other headsets, but the Jabra has a button on the top that you can answer with and voice dial. 8 hours talk time. Makes a difference. Audio is generally very good. Not thin sounding like I hear about some others. Only problem I have sometimes is wind noise, but that's a minor thing for me.
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    Just my 2 cents but after seeing that rave review for the Bluespoon I googled bluetooth headsets for some reviews and came across this one for the Bluespoon:

    Let's just say this reviewer (pocket-link) doesn't have the same opinion of the Bluespoon.

    That said, I have bookmarked a number of different sites each with reviews of multiple bluetooth headsets which I will post shortly for anyone interested.
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    in general, you will hear people okay.
    people will not hear you a well (this is a function of poor mic).

    Not as good as a wired headset, but that is the tradeoff of no wires. Also, there is a delay in answering calls, which can be annoying.
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    BLUESPOON, continued:

    In regard to the post about the negative review:

    I am not a reviewer, I AM A USER (I have used the thing for almost two years on a daily basis).

    I am not associated with Nextlink (the maker), as you may well think when you read my views...

    I did experience the same trouble getting used to fitting it in my ear, thats true, but that took only a day.

    Here's the beauty: You can wear glasses or sun-glasses with this thing. I almost always wear sun-glasses when driving. This fact alone makes it the best in the market place to me.

    Also, you dont look like an ***** from outer space with a HUGE thing hanging over your ear, when using the Bluespoon. I tried every bluetooth headset I could find for more than a year, but couldn't see myself walk in the streets looking like an alien.

    Price range:
    The digital version is about $ 270 (which I still think is a lot), but I rechecked the web-site - - and found a new version, slightly bigger (16 grams) but a lot less expensive ($ 85). This can even hang around your neck when not in use.
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    A Stereo bluetooth headset is the bases of my Senior design project for Northeastern Univ. It was originaly going to be used for the T600 with a bluetooth adaptor but I am not going to make it also a stand alone Bluetooth headset.

    you'll be able to answer with a button as well as voice dial once the software is released. And my goal is to get 8 hrs of mp3 playback and possably longer talk time, enough for one day of talking w/o visiting a charger
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