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    I routinely sync my Treo on 3 computers--mine at home, at the office and my assistant's.

    Today when I went to sync on my assistant's computer, after it was complete, the Treo was hung on the screen that comes up after the sync is done and my red light was on solid.

    I did a soft reset, and the device had been hard reset.

    I re-synched on my computer, restored the data, and tried again with the same result.

    Any ideas?
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    It's a very bad idea to synch in multiple places unless you have set the two secondary PCs as slave computers (all conduits to Handheld overwrites desktop).

    Why would you synch to three PCs? And are you synching to the same Outlook profile on each?

    If one of the PCs is a Mac you will probably have really slow synchs because the Mac will get the impression that you need to do a recovery synch when it sees that other PCs have synched with the Treo.

    Another clue: What synch cable are you using? Is it the standard cable or a third-party? Some of the third-party ones can cause a short and cause a hard reset.
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    I synch on all three because I make changes on both computers I use--and my assistant makes changes on hers (and uses it to access my calendar and address book).

    The cable on her computer is a third party cable; I thought that might be the culprit.
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    So you are using Outlook? or not? Just curious. There is a feature of PocketMirror which tells the conduits that you are using multiple PCs to synch. It is a wise option to turn on rather than risk data duplication or loss.
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    No, I do not use outlook. I only have it synching datebook and calendar on my assistant's PC.

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