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    I finally got rid of my Treo 180 because of the terrible battery life... if I didn't charge it each night, it would die sometime the next day. Will the 650 be better? Was the 600 better? I do miss my Treo...
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    My 600 (Sprint) makes it though a full day of hard use without needing to be "corded". A hard days use for me is some SMS, IM (Verichat) (10-15 IM's), Mail (Snapper) (20-30 mails), Phone (1-2hrs).

    If I don't use it heavily, such as on a weekend or a non-travel day, I can get 3 days out of it, but be around 15% batt.

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    The 600 was much, much better than the 180. Rated battery life was huge - in practice it is close to accurate for me. I don't think anyone knows about the Treo 650. This is one of my questions in the Treo 650 Questions thread.
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    Some of the new features of the 650 such as the hires screen and bluetooth are both known to drain the battery. When the Tungsten came, it had a lousy battery life compared to the Vx because of its hires color screen.

    So my guess is that the 650 will need charging more often than the 600. This is what may make me keep my 600 and dont upgrade, so please post if you know something about the 650's battery capacity.
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    is the battery draining....

    The 300 could last 2 hours at full use....the 600 can last 4 hours.

    Will the 650 last 8? Not unless they put 4500mAh battery in it

    If it is less than 4, that will blow.
    At least there is a replaceable battery, but I am want to buy 1 extra (at $100 a pop), not 2.
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    to make it last four will be tough because of the hi res screen. that will be a drain on the ace.
    not sure how the 312 processor or bluetooth will affect battery life either, but they need to make the ace capable of lasting 5 hours I would think. to go 4 could be stomached, but anything less than 4 would be a drawback.
    but having all those features will make getting 4 hrs out of it a real challenge.
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    the good thing is, and we hope it's true, the 650 will have a removable battery. if this is the case, the battery life issue want be a problem for me. I will have a spare or two on hand.
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    I've just read that the 650 is going to have a 1800MaH battery, that concerns me..even with it being removable. 1800 + BT + HiRes + 312MHz is making me think that the removable battery may be a requirement instead of a bonus.

    Fearing that the T650 is going to be a battery killing,
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    At least the removable battery means that there can be 3rd party batteries with higher capacity.
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