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    I'm on my second treo from Verizon. The second one does the same thing as the first one.

    Out of the box....
    1) turn it on
    2) turn wireless mode on
    3) activate it
    4) start the sms application or recieve a text messege....

    The phone resets (crashes, reboots... call it what you will).

    Anyone have any ideas?
    Dan Cohen
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    WHAT ERROR MESAGE DO YOU SEE IN THE LOG? In the phone app dial #*#377 and Dial.
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    did you try *228 ?
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    A reset was caused on 8/29/04 at 640 pm while running "SMS":
    Fatal Exception

    Real descriptive, huh!
    any thoughts?

    oh, this is the second phone to do this... Verizon is sending me a third Treo 600. I belive it happened because someone put my phone number into and send me a text messege that the Treo didn't like. However, my account on Verizon's network seems to be affected too, because two Treo's have the same problem.

    The first phone had a system error of a crash in MemoryMGR line 3610 or something like that.

    Anyone had experiences with or SMS application crashes on the treo?

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