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    I have seen people post this question in other threads but not yet found an answer.
    I want the mp3 player to not only pause on answering a call but to resume when disconnecting. I hear the Audible player does this but that is for Audible books and I do not know if those are standard mp3 files or not.


    I am currently working out a switch to toggle between stereo mode and headset mode. I know these are available from Seidio but I need to integrate it into another system and I wanted the added benefit of upon switching to headset mode that the right channel audio gets tied into both left and right earphone pieces rather than just the right side. This makes it much easier to hear/understand your caller when in a noisy environment.

    The switch is pretty easy really once you figure out the wiring connections for a DPDT switch either toggle or slide type.
    I am also running the audio output through an external amplifier in order to get better volume.

    For my own needs, this is to enable me to listen to audiobooks in my motorcycle helmet while riding. If the phone rings I can answer it with a single button push without having to first pull over, take off my gloves, take off my helmet and pull out my phone. The road/wind noise may be too much for a traveling conversation but I would have the oppurtunity to grab the call and say hold on a minute while I pull over to the side of the road.
    Now, if the MP3 playback does not resume after hangup then I have to pull of my gloves, dig out the phone and go through several button presses to get back into it which would be a bit aggravating.
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    I am using Pocket Tunes and Freedom. Works great. You set how many seconds it rings before answering. When it answers it pauses music, when the calling party hangs up it goes back to music.

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