i got a situation, i had a bad bill of health for my sprint phone but i lost it.
the guy at the sprint store had me just call him on his phone, he saw that the speakerphone was crap and so he gave me one of those slips. i cant find it after i moved.

the guy at the sprint store now ran a diagnostic on it and says he doesnst see a problem and rather than smite him with a lead pipe i thought i'd post here and ask what people have done about this problem. i have a terrible echo on this phone. my first one never did this but this one always echos and many people tell me i sound like im in a blender when im on the phone with them. any cases i can print out and take to him or anything like that? my phone is there now and i wanna go get it before they give it to a monkey to play with or something.. oh wait they had one testing it...

Do people every yell at you about your crappy speakerphone when you use it?