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    I purchased it for $16.95, downloaded the scores and stats, and now there are problems with it.

    When I click on "summary", all the scores for weeks 1 and 2 of the pre-season are incorrect.

    Does anybody else have this problem?

    Is there a way to fix this?
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    Mine are all incorrect as well. It list BAL as the visiting team for EVERY score. Toysoft just can't produce good software. Always buggy.
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    Mine look perfectly fine. I just checked both pre-season weeks 1 & 2.

    Are you using version 1.02 (which was e-mailed out?)

    I think if you have "BAL" listed for every score you did not properly install logo hack. Did you recently upgrade and forget to reinstall logo hack?
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    According to the "About" under the Options menu in the application, I am
    using version 1.0.2.

    After I purchased it, I installed it over the demo version.
    Then I reinstalled the logo hack.
    Then I got the newest scores and stats and installed them.

    Unfortunately, every score is incorrect, just like I said above. The Baltimore Ravens are listed as playing something like 16 games in week 1 of the preseason.

    These are the scores that MySchedule NFL 2004 is giving me:
    (1) Baltimore 26 NYG 15
    (2) Baltimore 7 St. Louis 17
    (3) Baltimore 19 Tampa Bay 28
    (4) Baltimore 26 Pittsburgh 34
    (5) Baltimore 20 Washington 18
    (6) Baltimore 19 Buffalo 20
    (7) Baltimore 21 Green Bay 44
    (8) Baltimore 10 Cleveland 21
    and many many more incorrect scores!

    Is this product worth $16.95 ???

    Another problem: The menus appear and disappear periodically. How can a $16.95 product be this full of bugs?

    How can I uninstall this?
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    I've had this program for a couple years, except last season during my brief flirtation with MS Mobile (the season before that I was on the PPC version - not as good as the Palm version). I remember from those early palm years that the preseason was a bit wanky. Scores and standings were held over from the previous year, rosters didn't come current until the update after Week 1 of the regular season I think. After that, though, it was great. I, for one, will hold off judgement until then. My one suggestion has been the need for more clear file labelling and update instructions. I have this memory of having to download, transfer to hot sync, etc... a whole lot of PRC files a couple times during the season. Hopefully that process has gotten better in the past two years.
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    You are probably looking at the 2003 statistics. You should email Toysoft because it's a decent product.

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