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    What is the best email software?
    I use business connection now, but am wondering if there is something more reliable. Push is a must.
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    Chatter seems to be getting a lot of votes lately.

    I also like Snapper Mail, but it doesn't have push. It does auto-fetch though.
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    what are the advantages and disadvantages of business connection vs. chatter?
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    Read all there is to know about Chatter here

    The only issue with it is it only works with IMAP based e-mail.
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    thanks. I've read the chatter stuff, but I'm not sure I understand why folks dont use business connection. What is IMAP? I'm on a corporate email server.
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    (Internet Message Access Protocol) Is a standard protocol for accessing e-mail from your local server. IMAP is a client/server protocol in which e-mail is received and held for you by your Internet server. You can view just the heading and the sender of the mail and then decide whether to download the mail. You can also create and manipulate folders or mailboxes on the server, delete messages etc. A less sophisticated mail protocol is POP3.

    IMAP is gradually replacing POP as the main protocol used by email clients in communicating with email servers. Using IMAP an email client program can not only retrieve email but can also manipulate message stored on the server, without having to actually retrieve the messages. So messages can be deleted, have their status changed, multiple mail boxes can be managed, etc.

    I think the main reason people avoid Sprint's Business Connection is that they find it buggy. For some it seems to often crash or be down. I personally use it and find it to be a nice solution for e-mail.
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    thanks so much lgreenberg. i appreciate it.
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    You can do a quick search (here or google) to find out all about IMAP.

    Briefly, IMAP is a protocol (like POP) which allows messages to remain on the host mail server and be checked, manipulated or otherwise from various different locations (home, mobile device, office). In effect, your messages are remain in one place (e.g. Fastmail mail server) and can sync up after manipulation of that message. For instance, if you delete a message while logged in from your home client and then check through Chatter - you will also notice that the message has been deleted.

    Among other things, POP does not offer this functionality. It simply downloads messages to your local machine. If you're always using one machine this may be fine. If you are using several - as most of us are - it can be a arduous endeavor to be in synch and organized with your mail (work, personal, etc.)

    I believe IMAP is the future of organized email.

    Quote Originally Posted by thedrifter
    thanks. I've read the chatter stuff, but I'm not sure I understand why folks dont use business connection. What is IMAP? I'm on a corporate email server.
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    dang, beat me to it.
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    GoodLink is the best email product for your Treo. Nothing can beat it. It requires that your company is running Microsoft Exchange though. See links below.
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    Quote Originally Posted by farzonalmaneih
    GoodLink is the best email product for your Treo. Nothing can beat it. It requires that your company is running Microsoft Exchange though. See links below.
    I may be wrong but I think GoodLink also requires that your company is running Exchange AND the GoodLink server. The one advantage of BizConn here is that you can run it off your own PC so you don't have to convince your company to purchase something.

    That said, if you can convince them to buy GoodLink it's probably better.
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    Having tried most of the email software from SPCS business connection (BC) to SnapperMail (SM) to Chatter, here is my opinion. BC provides good integration to Outlook, Notes or an IMAP server with the ability to have email. calendar and contacts pulled on a regular basis. The software has three aspects: T600 side, desktop and web. The T600 side allows you to view and compose email that looks like it came from your desktop (e.g., same email address) as well as the software allows the T600 and Outlook, Notes or IMAP to stay in sync. The Web aspect allows viewing of your desktop email, calendar and contacts. With the Web aspect, you can also set-up other POP or IMAP accounts for viewing. BC also does a neat job of finding an open port on corporate servers to allow email to flow in and out. You can also view email attachments without having to but additional software for the T600

    The big drawback to BC is that either your desktop has to be active (e.g., connected to your email server) or you are sharing a connection via the BC software with a colleague (BTW, that colleague has to be a SPCS subscriber that is also running BC on their desktop). So, if you take your PC home from work or shut it down, you will not receive any email.

    In terms of SM, this is the email software that I have been using for the longest period. The reason for this is that it allows the use of both POP3 and IMAP accounts (this was added with the just released Version 2.0). Once again, you can set parameters that tell SM how often to pull email from the accounts you have established. Version 2.0 also allows archiving of old email onto an SD card. The software tends to be very solid in operation and the creative team is responsive to feedback and support. Downside to the software, that a number of people have expressed, is the cost to purchase SM. Also, to view attachments you have to purchase additional software (e.g., Documents to Go or Quickoffice).

    In terms of Chatter, this software is presently in beta. The creator is concentrating on IMAP only as he believes it's much better than POP3. The nice part of this software is that it provides "Blackberry-like" email functionality (e.g., push to the device versus pull). Note that there are a tremendous number of postings and opinion regarding pros and cons of push versus pull email. Since it is presently beta software, there are a few items still to be worked on (e.g., the ability to handle attachments and the number of email characters per message that Chatter can handle). Overall, Chatter shows a lot of promise and the creator is very responsive.

    One final comment: If you are setting up an IMAP account especially one to retrieve email on a corporate server, regardless of email software selected, select email software that provides a SSL option. Presently, SM, Chatter and BC do so.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
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    Thanks to all. I'll probably keep Bizcon for now. The devil i know.
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    FYI, I signed up for Chatter last week and finally got an email from the guy that is running it. It seems things are in a bit of a flux or something until after Labor Day.

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