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    whats all missing from that new beauty?

    any possibilities of using a wi-fi card?!
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    we don't seem to know about wifi and 3G networks (Edge, Evdo) among other things that are less important to me.

    On a minor scale, I'd like know if they boosted the IR so that it can be a decent remote. It would be minor overall cost to P1 and a pretty great gee-whiz factor. I would have rather had that over the camera they included in the Treo 600.
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    You know, the biggest things missing from the current Treo 600 is bluetooth. Everyone wants a different feature, and usually it is something no one else really cares about...but there are certain things that are becoming necessities for high end users, with bluetooth and maaaayyybbbee Wifi being two.

    The best thing would be for them to get everything on the current phone right in the Treo 650, then worry about any new features though.
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    PTT would be nice

    would give Nextel users less of a "barrier" to switch
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    GSM networks can't really carry PTT yet because of latency times...heck, I have heard that Verizon's CDMA has hulla latency too for that matter
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