I posted this on the other forum, hopefully someone will have an answer...

I purchased my Treo 18 days ago at a CompUSA store under their promo for $299 after rebates. Yesterday, my screen cracked. i honestly have no clue how this happened....i've had a Kyo 6035 and Kyo 7135, treated them no different than this phone, and 2 weeks into it, have this cracked screen. I know nothing fell on the front of it b/c there's no external mark on the silk screen (i think that anything heavy enough to crack the screen would leave at least a little nick or dimple). I leave it face down at work to protect the screen, and i think something must have hit the back of it (if this is even possible to crack the screen this way??) FYI...there's nothing more than 6 ounces near the phone that coudl have cracked it....so it must really be fragile.

anyways, long story short, i'm pissed..

so today i call sprint and add *ahem* insurance to my phone, anticipating I"ll need a replacement. Luckily, i didnt cancel my verizon service while i was trying out the treo (my intent was to port my number at a later date), so i am not without a phone and/or service totally.

I guess my question(s) are this:
what should i do from now till the time the insurance is active in 20 days? is it possible to shell out the money for an activated, non-branded phone, then return it within the month? what are the risks of this?
should i try to go back to compusa and have them replace it? i've read other ppl's experiences here with compusa, and it doesnt even sound like with a service plan people got much service. I'm really at a loss for options, other than to wait it out. You guys are geniuses, so i thought i'd pose it to you all.

I still have my verizon Kyo7135, and will use that as a backup if necessary until the new phone comes in....i was just wondering if anyone else had any other thoughts/options? I love the phone, and i want a working one as soon as possible...but the thought of having to wait 3 weeks while paying 2 bills (sprint and verizon) kills me.

as if it werent enough that i have an unusable piece of electronic mastery, my extra styli, external battery and CASE (which may have prevented this mess) was on my doorstep when i got home from work today. Thanks PalmOne.

anyone have any thoughts?