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    Similar Sprint-related thread here:

    I have a cingular branded Treo 600 I'm using on T-Mobile and in the last week or two I too have started having terrible problems similar to those mentioned above.
    In the last couple of weeks I have installed:
    - Verichat
    - Visto
    - Metro
    - Tube
    - Cardspeed
    - CallFilter
    - DirAssist

    I'm wondering if it could be any of these that has caused the problems. Have any of the rest of you experienced the onset of your problems subsequent to installing any of the above?

    Here's my symptoms:
    1) Signal indicator shows multiple bars, but when I dial the display says "Dialing" but doesn't connect the call and just returns back to the dial pad screen.
    2) When I try to connect to GPRS I now get a message I didn't get before saying "Please wait ..." which stays around for ages. Eventually the more usual dialog pops up indicating an attempt to connect to T-Mobile Internet. After another age, this then fails with an error message like 0x400B or something similar.
    3) Even if I soft reset I still have the same problems
    4) After a few tries sometimes the signal bars will completely disappear and not come back unless I wait for 30 minutes or so.
    5) Incoming calls often cut out as soon as I try to answer them
    6) It seems to help (reduce the chance of problems) if the power cord is plugged in

    Any other GSM users seeing this?
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    Did you ever get a resolution to this?

    I've had my GSM (Tmo) T600 for about 10 months. Now it's happening to me, too.
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    Read the following post, it might help:


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