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    I own the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia on a MM Card. It works fine, but I'd prefer to transfer it to my SD card on which my other data and (some) applications reside. I'm tired of swapping the cards.

    Copying the directories and associated files from the MM card to my SD card seem technically possible, but I'm worried there might be problems. There are some oddly named files on the MM card which I suspect may be card-specific or capable of causing trouble if copied. In addition, an earlier version of Mobipocket Reader is on the SD card as compared to the one installed on my device.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks. Michael
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    I have palm dictionary/thesaurus s/w I would like to do the same. I tried putting it in my SD card reader but it seems that it's not readable. perhaps my reader does not support MMC. Maybe I will try cardexport
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    ack, erroneuous post. how do u delete?
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    Go to palmgear and do a dearch for PowerRUN. This is a pretty nifty app that allows you to move apps from internal memory to your SD card, but creates a placeholder in the launcher so that you acan still run the app as you normally would.

    I use it for about 80% of my apps. It doesn't seem to like pTunes or some of the e-mail apps that do things in the background, but otherwise pretty stable.

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