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    I wanted to hear some stories of how your Treo 600 has saved the day. Whether it was using your treo to respond to an urgent email, or browsing the web to pull up directions, or contact info for a client, etc.

    I had my Treo save me so many times. I was able to use it to load mapquest and locate an address when we couldn't find it. The Yahoo Map directions were wrong and we were lost. It was late, and nothing was open and we were looking for a bed and breakfast where the phone was forwarded to the answering machine after hours. Used the Treo to find the directions and got there in no time.

    Not to mention the Treo has saved me from dying of boredom many times when my flights have been delayed for hours. MP3's, video games, and catching up on email have really helped time fly.

    What is your story?
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    Most recent story. Last week, I was driving home from work and partially threw a tread on one of my tires. I was just a few blocks from an NTB, so I pull in and ask them for some new tires.

    My car has funny sized tires and they're not readily available from all manufacturers, epecially at the local stores. The only ones they had in stock were $165 each. I pulled out my Treo, brought up, and found the same tires there for $123 each, NTB price-matched, they just add $15/tire for shipping to the online price. Maybe not save the day, but sure saved me a few bucks.


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