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    I travel a lot in my job, and I am always sitting around in airports watching people surfing the web on Wifi hotspots, or checking mail on Blackberry's.

    It kind of strikes me as funny that no matter where I go, the broadest range of people all have Treo 600's. Whether it is the 70 year old woman sitting across from me, or the young 20's college kid jamming to p-tunes. You find Treos all over the place.

    I was sitting in a restaurant and actually had two people stop by my table and comment to me that they also have treos. Seems to be growing and growing in popularity. I never used to see anyone with a treo, but lately it is hard to not see them.

    I love my treo, just wish someone would invent the bluetooth SD card for it and I would be on cloud nine.

    Anyone else notice this increasing trend? Not just business execs anymore. You see people of all ages, professions, etc using Treos.
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    Seeing them everywhere in Canada now. We got them late in the game but it is the best selling phone for Rogers Wireless now.

    I have had the Treo 270 and also Pocket PC devices and the Treo 600 if by far the best.

    I will be spreading the word to all my business contacts.

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