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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Hey I think it's time for a new TREO ACE (650) forum here on Treocentral don't you think!!! Seems like this thread would be the perfect first entry in the new forums!!
    Any excuse to get my post count back up!!!
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    Looks like GSM!
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    you wanna talk about post counts...go to and look at hofo_mofo's post count there
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    I wonder how this is gonna affect sales of the 600 now that we have "proof" that its replacement is almost out the door?

    I was just thinking too that if now the sales drop off it will tick off T-Mobile. They got burned with a ton of inventory of 270's and now they are finally stocking the 600 in their stores. They just can't win, can they?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    you wanna talk about post counts...go to and look at hofo_mofo's post count there

    Shameless plug for hofo's? I've been over there 3 times today already! Nice to see all so many hofo folks here tho
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    Looks good but the numbers not having there own color block is a mistake IMO. Looks like a removable battery, YAH!. Screen dose not look that high res though, but could just be the UI. New buttons like home are a welcome addition.
    Exciting stuff.
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    Someone mention that it was in the presentation of sprint called "fall 04" but this is not a sprint phone since it has a SIM slot.

    can any answer this... how come the conector in the bottom not be usb?

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    Well, maybe if T-Mobile, and Verizon for that matter, would join us out here on the cutting edge that wouldn't happen so often. Damn conservatives.
    Go here if you're tired of being .
    It'll be fun.
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    ill be good

    but seriously this device looks sick..uber uber uber sick ...i just pray man...that there is EGPRS...let it be the first smartphone with EDGE (9500b isnt released yet, but it has EDGE)

    and of course for you CDMA people EV-DO....

    oh!...multitasking...present or not possible?
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    I am out of the closet!!
    I normally just try to lurk and giggle at all of the posts that i read.
    I then convince myself that i dont have it bad.
    I could do with or without my precious....

    And every night.... i read and read more and more... even things i have read 10 times before.
    But i tell myself... dont post... you are not like them... you are not like them...

    No... i am not like them

    I AM THEM!!!!!

    That new treo is AWSEOME! i want it i wnat it i wtan it.....aHHHHHHHHHH
    losing my mind!!!!
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    mmmmm...multi-tasking *drool*
    Go here if you're tired of being .
    It'll be fun.
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    oh i agree with you longstrider...but honestly you have to be dang good at photoshop and what not to make those pics look fraudulent

    thus now i am convinced
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    Quote Originally Posted by illdefined
    this is NOT a new generation Treo. it's a definite .5 "this is what the first SHOULDA been" generational release. compare the 300 and the 600 for a real generation change. heh, guess thats why its the Treo 650 and not 900.
    it does amaze me that the treo 600 designers put the home and menu keys at the bottom and only one shift key. perhaps they should have looked at a regular keyboard and also pretended to actually use a papermockup of the phone before putting arthritic home and menu buttons. also i want a treo 650. yah.
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    Thank you very much, Wee Bit.
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    oh yeah man..thanks
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    Okay, I usually try to stay on topic, but the little Treo/iPod couples at the bottom of your post are the coolest things I've seen on here in a while, so...kudos!
    Go here if you're tired of being .
    It'll be fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribalenvy
    Quote Originally Posted by Joebar99
    God you morons will just find anything to dislike.... Gimme bluetooth, gimme hi rez, gimme this gimme that... Get it all and now it's - I dont like the text color of the buttons.... So gay....
    Archie is gay? I don't see what that has to do with the pics of the Treo 650.
    So how did I get to be gay? I'm just a designer who is aware of functional aesthetics. I'm saying the screening on those buttons is not right and I stand by my statement/opinion. I'm not going to make an issue out of it though it will probably change!

    At least I hope it will change; not only did they take away the dark blue background to set off the numbers, they shrunk the numbers down in size?? How are you supposed to find them.
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    haha i just made that today cuz when i started looking at the treo 650, my old gadgets suddenly developed eating disorders ^_^
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    Hmmm ... looks like speaker is a wee bit bigger. Hopefully LOUDER!

    Thanks WeeBitObsessed ... I think you've proven you're not the OnlyOneObsessed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jposin
    OK, so let's play the upgrade guessing game.
    Will palmOne actually offer a trade-in/trade-up?
    Serial number only, or hardware trade-in?
    Locked or unlocked?
    Revised contract with carrier (e.g. longer contract)?
    My guess is that there will be NO upgrades! Why? The upgrade program was developed by Handspring. At that time they needed maximum exposure for this product, since they did not have the adequate resources to advertise and market it. Also Handspring was trying to revive interest in the product as both the 270 and 300 were already getting 'old.'

    Fast forward to fall 2004. PalmOne now owns the product line, with the resources to market. The T600 has been a runaway smash hit, with long lines to get one for the first 6 months. Every technical writer in the industry has declared the T600 the tech gizmo of the year.

    So.... where would the upside be for PalmOne to do the upgrade program? They don't need the marketing 'buzz'. The certainly don't want to minimize their margin on product. They also don't want to encourage shortages in the T650/Ace, particularly in the fall/winter 'Holiday' seasons.

    My 2 cents....
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