Greetings people. I've got a complex situation (I'm a simple person ). First off, I use a Mac at home and a PC (running Groupwise) at work. I frequently rely on email for personal and business communications. I'd like to consolidate my emails into one place (on my Treo) and use a push solution to accomplish this.

I have a Yahoo account and Gmail account. I also have .Mac service (which, by default, gives me a .Mac IMAP email account). Currently, Gmail does not allow POP or forwarding so we can leave it out of the discussion.

I'm torn between forwarding Yahoo mail to my .Mac account or to a free Fastmail account. Both are IMAP, but Fastmail gives me PUSH (via Chatter). (FYI- sooner or later Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. will need to offer an IMAP solution to a growing user base.) I'd like to keep both .Mac and Yahoo and just forward both to Fastmail. Is this feasable?

Now, for the work emails. These I will definitely need to have pushed. What would be the best solution for pushing Groupwise emails to my Treo?

Ideally, I would like to look into my Treo Inbox and have both work and personal emails (both perhaps color coded) pushed to it. I feel a bit exhausted looking for a solution - esp. since I don't know much about Groupwise and how it relates to this mess.

I'm using a VZ Treo with unlimited data.

Your suggestions are very much appreciated.