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    My wife and I want to get a Treo 600 for use with AT&T's GSM national plan. However, we don't really need email functionality or ability to surf the web. What we want is the Treo to work like a PDA (Synch with MS Outlook Contacts and Calendar) and have phone functionality. AT&T assures me that I cannot connect the Treo 600 to my laptop without their data plan, however, this seems counter-intuitive to me because I don't want connectivity to the outside world, just the ability to connect to a laptop (via usb cable). Can anyone tell me if AT&T is correct and they have somehow imbedded the functionality of synching with laptop data to data connection to the wireless web, or if I can use the device as I want to.
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    Although I can't figure out why you would pay for a Treo 600 if you don't intend to use the email or internet capabilities, they are completely wrong. You do NOT need a data plan in order to sync your Treo with your laptop via USB. You might be even able to do it via IR, but that may have gone away with OS5.

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    Thanks a lot dennisl. I know it doesn't make much sense, but let's just say the difference is about 50 bucks between the Nokia 6620 and the Treo 600.

    One other question, without the data services plan, will Treo 600 download old email from outlook that one could browse through and view as well as compose? Presumably, when you were to synch with the laptop then those drafts can be sent from the laptop's connection to the internet?

    I know these questions seem lame for 50 bucks a month, but you have to understand, I'm in grad school, so it really matters!

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    Well, you certainly used to be able to do this on the old standalone PDA's.
    The Handspring Visor used to come with Pocket Mirror software for synchronzing Outlook with the PDA. I seem to remember taht the Treo still does. (It's been a while since I installed it.) So you would be able to sync your contacts, notes and todo's. But the standard palm Mail application that synced the inbox and outbox is not there on the device anymore. I don't use the newer palm pop Mail application, and taking a peek at the settings page, I can't see that it would work with the desktop conduits.

    Anybody else have any more on this?
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    You could use a third-party application such as VersaMail (I use to use this on my old T3). It will allow you to sync your email out of Outlook, compose on the palm, and send the composed mail when you sync again.

    Hope this helps.
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    Be careful they don't charge you by the KB...cost me 8 bucks last month but I don't really know what I did.

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    Most carriers will allow you to use minutes to get at the internet and emails, etc. That works for fine for me. Don't let them talk you into a data plan unless you are downloading a ton of emails. Attachments will kill you on a limited MB data plan.
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    One thing to remember is that a LOT of these phone service reps are commission driven morons. I use the Treo 600 exactly as you intend to with AT&T. My reasoning is that I simply prefer to deal with the web and email more deliberatively, albeit less mobile, on the larger screen of my laptop. I love being able to access my calender, contacts, tasks, and make phone calls with just one handheld device only outside of Outlook on my laptop. I encountered several AT&T stores that insisted they would not even sell me the Treo unless I included a data plan. I finally found a store manager that just laughed at such rigid nonsense and was glad to let me keep my existing voice plan only and simply swap out my sim card with no changes to my account service plan. They did however require me to extend my service agreement in order to receive a discounted purchase price. Just keep a close watch and be very clear in your communication instructions that you do not want any data plan involved with your account when they are in there making changes on the computer.

    Use of a Treo without wireless data is very legitimate eventhough it puts us in a minority among most members of this forum. I hope that PalmOne will soon expand the Treo family in the future to offer lower priced models to the masses with a scaled down, more limited functionality such as a model with a phone and PDA only that does not include Web access, Wireless email or the camera. A $150 - $200 priced unit like this with a great screen resolution (Think Tungsten E) would sell extremely well. Such a bare bones entry model Treo (Voice phone & PDA only) would be perfect to capture a lot of lower priced buyers who may later choose to upgrade to a more pricey, feature-rich model in the Treo family. I just have to believe that someone in PalmOne is thinking along these lines. Who know? We'll find out eventually.

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    These responses really help. You guys Rock!!!
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    My advice on Email synch.

    Yes - older Palm and Visor units did include a conduit for synchronizing email. The Treo range dropped this as an in-box feature because they wanted to encourage wireless use.

    PocketMirror has nothing to do with Outlook Mail synchronization - it just looks after your PIM info - i.e. Outlook Contacts, Schedule, Notes and Tasks.

    In my opinion the best replacement software for Treo 600 for synching all Outlook info - PIM and also Mail is PumaTech IntelliSync. If you like PocketMirror (and it is very good and reliable), you can just install the IntelliSync Mail conduit and leave the PM conduits in place. That is one of the beauties of IntelliSync - it plays well in mix/match scenarios.

    I don't like Versamail on Treo. Yes it has a conduit for mail but it has v poor 5-way integration.

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