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    These threads come up from time to time and I always learn something new.

    I just got a new wireless keyboard for my Treo 600 and have decided that I now have just about my perfect combination of software and accessories. So, with probably too much time on my hands, I offer:

    Treo 600 CDMA from Sprint with unlimited data


    BackupMan Must have backup solution
    Blackjack Expert Keep sharp for Vegas
    Card Export Makes your SD card look like a removeable drive on your PC
    Chatter Not using the IMAP client, best IM client out there.
    DateBk5 Great Calendar and ToDo replacement.
    Directory Assistant Great front end to Phone and Address lookup extraordinare.
    Documents to Go Word, Excel and Powerpoint now supports native files
    Handzipper Handle zip files (comes with Snappermail)
    mDesk Run your Treo on your PC desktop. I still haven't found a great reason to have this, but it was too cool..
    Mergic Ping Yeah, you can ping from the prefs app, but this does it very nicely.
    MovieRec Great free movie recorder
    mSafe Wipe your Treo with an SMS if lost.
    Printboy Printer utility. Great for my IR equipped HP Laserjet.
    PsMemo Replacement for Memo with many bells and whistles
    Pocketunes Deluxe Greap for MP3's, but I use the Shoutcast support for streaming audio
    Smartlist to Go Great database app.
    Snappermail Still the best POP3 client. Attachments support 2nd to none
    SoundRec Free Voice Memo recorder. As good as many pricey apps to do the same thing.
    TakePhone Replacement for Phone app. Huge number of features. Once you use it, you can't go back.....
    Telnet Telnet and ssh client. Be sure to get the 3.0 version.
    Treo Allegro Treo Butler does more, this controls the LED and fixes the space bar answer in the case problem
    UnitConvert Converts just about any unit of measure (cm to in, etc.)
    upIRC IRC client for palm.
    Zlauncher Industrial strength launcher.. you could spend days customizing it. SD card support 2nd to none.


    Boxwave Screen Protector Pricey, but robust. I never use a case
    Seidio 2 in 1 headset Listen to tunes and answer the phone.
    Wireless Keyboard A bit of a compromise, but an almost full size keyboard that uses the IR port.

    Plus extra chargers.

    That's it. With this bunch of goodies, I not only have the best smartphone in the world, I can leave my laptop home.
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    I dumped TakePhone as ArrowLaunch worked better for me. I use it to call up contacts and applications.

    I would add FastForward, WebViewer and HanDBase.
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    Great post wmf

    And extra thanks for putting in links to all that stuff.

    Things I can add, all these are free (or free with rego or similar)

    eReader read eBooks, have a few free including dictionary
    SolFree Solitaire, Freecell free version
    Backgammon free with updater
    PocketTunes MP3 player free with registration at Palm
    Butler Volume button re-assignment, LED control & more
    FileZ File Manager
    SoundRec Voice recorder demo version
    MovieRec Movie recorder demo (not used)
    EarthDefender Space Invaders clone (free offer)
    Zap!2016 Galaxian Clone
    Sketcher Paint program mainly for kids
    Frobnitz Free text adventure engine for Zork etc
    HandChess II Free Chess based on OpenChess
    PalmaSutra Umm, other. Relationship book

    Gee they were all free. I feel like a bit of a cheap skate, even picked up my Treo 600 second hand for about half retail price


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