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    I now get 2-3 if not more soft resets a day (sometimes right after an incoming call or a MMS) and after doing a #*377 and then Dial immediately after the event, it tells me WASSUP caused the Fatal Exception each time.

    Does anyone else have problems with Wassup? Any known solutions to any known bugs. I have registered this buggy software so I don't want to have to delete it....

    Some possible confliction software I have:

    SMS Notify
    Profeo Suite of Tools (MM, Profeo Lite, SA)
    Movie Rec

    BUT, I do not get any other programs in the #*377 screen...just Wassup.

    What gives??
    I have detailed files.
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    I have been working with it all day today problems at all
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    I still have them 3-5 times a day especially when I get a MMS or an SMS.... it resets and them announces the MMS etc.
    I do #*377 and it says Wassup cause a fatal exception etc..
    I would have removed it except I already paid for it....
    I have detailed files.
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    You could remove it for a couple days - see if your problem stops - and then re-install. Maybe a fresh install would eliminate your issues.

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    I had so many problems with wassup, that I stopped using it - to bad, I really liked lt.
    My problems were that it would hang, or mostly I would get the white screen of death...If I disabled the autostart in wassup, it behaved much better, but that kind of defeats the purpose. I emailed support awhile ago, and recieved the "we'll look into it" and never heard back. I guess I wasted my money on that one...
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    never had any probs with wassup...I don't have treohelper, sms notify or callfilter on my treo though but have the rest you listed.

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