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    I have Sprint,software 1.2-SPR Hardware C. For the past 5 days I have trouble answering calls or can't answer. This doesn't happen all the time but enough to really be irritated. I tap the answer button or use the 5 way button and nothing happens. On occassion the call keeps ringing and ringing, won't stop until I reset.
    I wondering if it's a phone issue, software issue or Sprint issue. Any suggestions? I'm thinking I might need to erase all and re-install 1.2.
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    Do you have any third party programs installed. If so I suggest a hard reset and use for a day to test phone functions. If not I would tend to think it is a defective unit and should be replaced.

    If you do have 3rd party software listing some apps would help anyone that had an inclination to help.

    Good luck
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    Thanks, I see in another thread people having similar problem.

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