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    OK guys I have an iGolf Tech SD GPS for the Treo 600 and I have been testing it and using it for some time now...
    I have just purchased a new car with built in Navi so I have no need for the Treo GPS...
    If anyone is interested in taking it off my hands then let me know
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    How much?
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    i am looking for around $250 ono
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    Does this include all software?
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    Well you can get the free software from Mapopolis to run the device and the maps will have to be purchased separately...
    The Platinum regional map you get from iGolf is only 1 detailed county map so just get the one for your area and then the map pack below:
    I also believe I have a $25 coupon from iGolf for the map pack too which I have not used... give me a couple of days to try to fish it out...

    I recommend the $99 map pack here:

    I used this as it has all major roads in the US...
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    What's your experience with the IGolf SDIO?
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    i found it to be good but a bit small for a car but that is due to the size of the treo screen and not the SD GPS. I also came under problems when in built up areas like Manhattan for instance. I could not get a constant fix on satellites while in there but I found it great going to the mountains snowboarding. All in all its a great solution for a do-it-all device. I now have an 8 inch screen in the Merc with Navi built in so its not practical for me now.

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