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    When I insert my SD card (Viking 128mb) the Treo does the "bo-beep" sound and let's me view the contents in the "applications" screen automatically.

    when I go into Pocket Tunes, I'm able to vview the card contents and everything works fine. Once I turn off my treo and turn it back on, the Treo no longer recognizes the SD Card. I have to pop it out and put it back in (again sounding the bo-beep twice).

    Any thoughts?
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    Anyone... No one else has this problem?
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    Hmmm...I have not experienced this problem. Have you tried to reformat the card or another card?
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    There is already a thread on this "Treo not recognizing SD card"

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    Yeah, Ski, I read your thread, but it really didn't give me anything conclusive.

    I guess I'll go back to Sprint and see if they'll replace the phone...
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    Well, the conclusion was that after 2 phones and two different cards (Panasonic and Sandisk) I gave up and returned my Treo today.

    Back to my Kyo 7135.


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