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    I have a 512mb SD card in my treo 600. Currently I have some .mp3s, a video, and a few .jpgs on the card. Card info tells me that I have 1.6mb in the application directory, and 210mb in the audio directory for a total of 304.8mb used. Looking at the card via card/export and windows explorer doesn't show any other items. Since 210 + 1.6 doesn't equal 304.8, something else is occupying approximately 93 mb of space on the card. Do any applications "reserve" space on the card or something similar? Thanks.
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    I'd suggest placing you card in a usb card drive and doing an Advanced search in Windows. Search for files by size, specifally over 1 mb (or whatever size you want) and see what the results are.
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    How are you looking at the files you have? FileZ?
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    also view hidden files in XP and see what u have in the SD card.
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