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    I dowloaded webpro from Palmone's website. It is the trial version. It prompts me for a registration code..does anyone know what to do here?
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    I have WebPro on my Tungsten, and I really like it. When I got my Treo, I realized that it was not installed, but the web application on the Treo isn't bad. I have seen the new Zire 71 which has an updated version then what my Tungsten T3 has.

    You can purchase a registration code for WebPro for users who don't already have it, hence the prompt.
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    Yes, click on cancel and it will let you proceed. IMO WebPro beats Blazer all to pieces and I will probably end up purchasing it when the trial ends.
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    Check out WebViewer by Requireless!
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    I tried installing reqwireless but it tells me that my device does not support it.. I tried to download it thru their wap site.
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    You have to install IBM Java (which is a nice addition for other programs like No limit Texas Hold'Em). It costs $6 or free to developers.

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