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    For those of us who have found the handy search combination on our Treos, why in HS/P1's infinite insanity did they allow the search engine to search everywhere except the call log?

    All too often, I need to place or return a call stored in my call log from last week, last month, you get the idea. At the ripe old age of 42, combined with the fact that nobody memorizes phone numbers anymore, I may be only able to remember the area code and maybe the exchange.

    On my Nextel Blackberry (God rest its soul) the search function would allow me to enter in any part of a numeric string and it would return all telephone numbers containing that match, regardless of whether it was in my contact database. Very useful!

    Any other fellow Treonians need/want this feature? Hey developers! You listening?

    Thanks for the time to vent.

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    I find the lack of this feature frustrating as well. Anyone find a solution?

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