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    why won't you hear the phone ring with standard headphones? just as in the seidio 2-in-1, you can hear all sounds coming out of the treo - including the phone ringing and the person on the other end talking. as i mentioned earlier, you can use standard headphones to listening to incoming conversations while you speak into the mic. don't spend your money on the 2-in-1 unless you absolutely like gadgets like this. remember, it's not meant for superb quality sound reproduction, so if you are audiophile, you may be dissapointed.

    an alternative, if you want something like this, is the 2-in-1 adapter from seidio
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    Ah, I see, don't know what I was thinking. I'll definitely just use regular headphones then. At first I was thinking that if I had regular headphones plugged in it would disable the in-phone microphone (don't most phones do this, if you have a headset plugged in it disables the on-board mic?). So, I thought I would have to unplug the headphones in order to answer a call.
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