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    Hi, I've downloaded and installed the latest PDANet version 3.0. I have a t-mobile internet VPN access on my treo600. I cannot seem to get the PDAnet to work - it will initially start to dial, then tries to check username and password and then teh attempt just fails - gives the message error 619.

    Any ideas or thoughts on how to solve this?

    Much appreciated.
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    Delete and reinstall? I'm happily using the latest pdaNet on my T-Mo 600 every day, all day.
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    I saw similar issue. I used pull down menu on PDANET on the TREO and changed from T-Mobile Internet to T-Mobile VPN ... and it works fine. To switch Notebook back to the regular NIC Card, I have been forced to reboot the Notebook. Otherwise PDANET works well on my TREO 600....

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