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    I have mostly used my Treo 600 as a phone, organizer and web browser. Now I want to directly access the wireless modem, dial a phone number directly, get connected to a remote modem, and access one of my power management boxes directly. (If my office's WAN connection is down and I am traveling, I need to connect directly to the modem connected to my power management(baytech) box. By logging into this power management box, I can power down/up my WAN connection hardware.) I don't want IP/PPP/et. al. I want a terminal emulation program like minicom or kermit.
    Perhaps this "just works" and I don't understand how to get it to work? Can someone please enlighten me? Thanks for your help.
    An explanation, or a link to an explanation, of the "network" and "connection" preferences would help. It almost seems like I need a "modem" preference. Thanks again.

    Bill Brown
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    I'm looking for the exact same thing, but able to run on a Treo 180. (Mostly to help troubleshoot my wireless modem dialup).
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    Yet another bump.

    Does anyone here know of a way to have this Treo 600 work as a wireless modem? I have found several Mac applications for serial usb, but nothing that references this phone, nor PC. I would appreciate any insight this chat room may have.


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