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    Press Release

    funSMS 4 for palmOne Treo 600

    funSMS, the often awarded text messages manager for Palm OS, is now
    available for the palmOne Treo 600. funSMS 4 Treo 600 GSM has got a brandnew
    golden-metallic interface design and offers an uncomparable broad range of
    functions. User of a palmOne Treo 600 smartphone can benefit from the high
    performance of funSMS 4 by substituting it for the basic SMS application
    supplied with the device.

    Karlsruhe, August 24, 2004. funSMS 4 for the palmOne Treo 600 is the
    complete solution for managing text messages with ease. The integrated
    address functionality makes it even more comfortable. funSMS 4 Treo 600 GSM
    supports the 5-way navigation button for comfortable navigation within the
    application - all without lifting a stylus. funSMS 4 Treo 600 GSM offers an
    extremely attractive layout and optimized graphics especially designed for
    the 160*160 pixel resolution of the palmOne Treo 600.

    Naturally funSMS 4 Treo 600 GSM offers all functionalities for which its
    predecessor funSMS 3 has been awarded regularly. funSMS 4 Treo 600 GSM
    supports multi-part messages, which means that an SMS message is no longer
    restricted to its usual length of 160 characters. An SMS can be sent to one
    or more recipients. SMS messages can be sorted using freely definable
    categories and can also be exported to the Palm applications Memo Pad and To
    Do List. An SMS can be written and then saved as a template together with
    the recipient list. This is particularly practical when the same messages
    are frequently sent. Integration with the Palm Address Book allows senders
    to be identified automatically and recipients selected easily.

    At the moment funSMS 4 Treo 600 supports GSM-networks. A CDMA version will
    be available in autumn 2004.

    funSMS 4 Treo 600 GSM is available for 24.95 Euro at
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    dean, having some problems, man!?
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    I've been very frustrated by built-in SMS application for long time, actually since my first VisorPhone. I tested (and didn't like it) funSMS some time ago, but I was very pleased to see new annuncement specially for T600.

    here are my impressions:

    1. User interface is very nice. It is little bit 'too rich' with all the icons, folders and views so it is difficult to make finger navigation. It is possible to navigate with 5-way pad but it is somehow not very easy and convinient.

    2. It does not integrate with T600 sound&alarm environment. When new SMS message arrives, it only produce very weak beep ?!?!

    3. PalmOS and other applications (like TakePhone) doesn't recognize it as SMS application. So when you start message from Contact list, or TakePhone it starts built-in application.

    Bottom-line conclusion. It looks promising, but I find it pretty much unusable for me.

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    I agree with kresom. I tried FunSMS 4 for T600 and found it a bit convoluted. Certainly not worth the 25 Euros they're asking. The interface makes navigation a lengthy process. What the T600 needs is an SMS app with slightly more features (such as sending to multiple users), with the ability to turn off Chat. FunSMS 4's incoming message beep is too low for any practical use.
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    spot on kresom, i hope the developers can fix the problems you pointed out. it seems to fix the limitations of the built-in sms app but introduces new ones.

    all i want from my sms app is to be:
    -able to insert names and numbers/details of a contact. so when someone smses me to request for someone else's details, i can send it with ease. i would like to be able to sms someone's entire contact detail as well, but i think that should be incorporated into the contact list.
    -be able to archive my sms messages/chat into folders.
    -be able to sychronise my sms messages and folders into my pc. other cell phone makers are able to do it, why not palm?
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    the built in sms app already can send to multiple users. I actually like the built in app. funsms4 crashed my treo
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    yeah... fun4sms killed me...

    not only did it crash my Treo, but i sent a text to a buddy that ended up going to my entire contact list, although only 1 person was selected to be sent the message...

    NOT COOL!!
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    Thanks CHiNNuTS. Never knew that.
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    don't know if i can trust the message-to-multiple-users option in the bulit-in apps. tried it once by sending our bball game schedule to 6 of my teammates and only 2 got the message. not sure if it was my gsm treo 600 or my carrier.

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