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    I suppose my smug grin has been wiped away now that I have to have my 3 week old Verizon 600 replaced. I was naive in thinking that since Verizon took soooo long to release the 600 that most/all of the hardware issues that plagued some earlier models would be gone. The top half of my screen just quit working. There was no way to make the digitizer see my inputs on the top half of the screen. Let me tell you that if you hard reset your 600 and then have this problem you will never, ever get it working again. I can't get past the third screen after the hard reset VZW has a policy of not allowing you to replace your 600 at the store if it is over 15 days old This is a major bummer for Sprint of any other carriers do it this way?
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    yes sprint does that, had my phone four days went in to replace my phone told me will order replacement i said man i only had phone four days and the rep a sprint told me that after fifteen days we would have to order one, i dont know if that meant refurb or not.
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    yes most likely refurb, in my experience

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